Doujinshi Review Part 1 - You Are My Star by Udit

Normally I don’t buy fanfiction novels - too risky, too expensive - but there are a few authors whom I make an exception for and Udit is one of such authors. She is amazing, hands down. Her Kise is too perfect, and Kuroko is so *manly* as well as hilariously evil. I was seriously lucky to pick this gem up during Sunday ComicWorld. You Are My Star is the collection of all Udit’s Star series, containing: You Are the Shooting Star, You Are the Shining Star, You Are the Super Star. Basically it’s 400+ pages of gorgeous KiKuro. Cost me a lot of money (I was left broke after buying this), but so worth it. 

I could go on and on about how much I love this, but since that would be boring, lemme translate you an excerpt from one of my favorite parts of the book, and let it speak for itself.

Kise already looked ready to copy Midorima’s form. At this rate, the he will make the shot 100% for sure, and Aomine, Kuroko, Kagami will lose.

"Dammit, do I really have to watch that guy win…"

Aomine whispered as if he did not like this outcome. As Kise received the basketball with a thump, Kuroko whispered quietly.

"If there’s an agreement that we want to see Kise-kun’s crying face no matter what, please remain silent for a moment."

Aomine and Kagami fell into a stunned silence. Kuroko thought carefully for a second, then opened his mouth as if his mind was made up.

"…What I am about to do is a severe crime that defiles the holy grounds of basketball."

He continued in a serious manner.

"I will testify that the two of you had nothing to do with this."

Kuroko took a step forward. Just what was he going to do, murder? God, I hope not, Kagami thought nervously, even when it was an impossible thought to begin with. But what Kuroko decided to do was not violence. No. It was a far more wicked and cunningly evil plan that Kuroko thought up.


Even when he was totally focused to take the shot - possibly because it was Kuroko who was calling him - Kise unconsciously stiffened. Kuroko did not hesitate to take advantage of that second, and chose to do the evilest thing he could do at the moment. 

"I like you."


Kise dropped the ball, and it rolled away from his feet.

"…Kurokocchi, what did you just…"